Emergency Roof Tarping Service

Emergency Roof Tarping Service

Temporary Emergency Roof Tarping

Temporary emergency roof tarping is a service A+ roofing offers when it’s not possible to repair your roof right away. Repairing your roof is hard enough in the best of weather conditions. Add icy surfaces, high winds or rain and the job can be extremely hazardous. Sometimes it’s not practical for us to be on your roof making repairs. That is when it’s necessary to use tarps as a temporary measure to protect your roof. Using large strong tarps that we secure with nails and wood strips to the damaged portion of the roof makes it possible to hold off on repairs until the weather conditions improve.

If conditions allow, before the tarp is installed we will have one of our professional roof inspectors inspect the damage. That way we can give you a complete estimate for the roof repair so you can begin the claims process with your insurance company. Once the conditions are favorable your roof will be repaired properly.

Does My Insurance Company Cover The Cost Of Emergency Roof Tarping

This is a question you will need to ask your insurance provider. Under most circumstances your insurance company will cover the cost. Some companies even make it mandatory to tarp the roof to prevent further roof damage unitl repairs can be made. Some insurance companies will not cover the cost so it just depends on your coverage.

How Long Can A Tarp Last On The Roof

A properly installed tarp on a roof in normal conditions can last up to a year. Even though it has the potential to protect your roof that long it’s highly advised that you have your roof repaired as soon as possible.

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